Ethical Guidelines – Manufacturer’s Code of Conduct and working conditions

We take ethics seriously, bringing you sweatshop-free products without any child labor. All of our t-shirts use fair trade cotton made in USA, including our regular t-shirts. The manufacturer’s working conditions are closely monitored through a transparent Code of Conduct and regular independent audits. In addition, we only use manufacturers who have received various fair trade certifications.

Our manufacturer partner requires all of its suppliers to sign their Ethical Guidelines Code of Conduct to ensure fair production conditions and ethical standards. This includes, among other labor standards, the assured prevention of child labor and the guarantee of fair payment. To ensure these standards, our partner works with suppliers who bindingly sign the Code of Conduct, or provide similar binding assurances of their own. In addition, our partner works to gather detailed information about the supplier’s production conditions such as Social Audit Reports, inspection and monitoring. [1] [2]

Every manufacturer of the products sold on this website adhere to this Code of Conduct, even our cheaper imported t-shirts. This Code of Conduct applies to contractual partners as well as their subsidiaries.

The Code of Conduct highlight details about the following labor standards:

  • Legal working hours
  • No child labor or Sweatshops
  • No forced labor or prison labor
  • Equal treatment & policies against discrimination, racism and sexism
  • Dignity in the working environment
  • Working contracts
  • Employees wages
  • Workplace Safety
  • Freedom of Association & Trade Unions
  • Legal Compliance
  • Inspection and Monitoring

Click here to read the full Ethical Guidelines Code Of Conduct


We also make sure that even our line of imported products is using manufacturers among the most ethical in the imported clothing industry. The working conditions exceed local standards and out pass the competitors when comparing with similar imported apparel brands.

If imported products are a concern for you, we recommend you to consider buying our local products instead, like American Apparel for example. More options of premium fair labor products are also available using the customization feature to create your own products:


Fair-trade, ethically sourced cotton

The vast majority of the cotton used by our t-shirt manufacturers is produced in the United States, including even our standard t-shirts and imported products. US cotton farmers are required to adhere to strict US labor laws and regulations. These regulations are most likely some of the most stringent in the cotton growing industry globally. They provide workers with ethical workplaces and because cotton is regulated as a food crop, workplace health and safety conditions mirror those of the vast majority of the foods we find on our tables.

We also totally boycott Uzbekistan’s forced labor cotton, click here to learn why.


Posted on: February 10, 2018 Last update: February 10, 2018