Fair labor and environmental certifications

All of our products are approved by industry-leading fair labor certifications and ethical seals, including also our standard t-shirts and imported apparel.

Our products are certified by:

Our t-shirts are made of cotton ethically produced in the United States and it is certified fair trade without any Uzbekistan cotton coming from forced labor.

All of our suppliers must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct providing ethical working conditions. To learn more about ethics and working conditions, we invite you to read this article.


Environmental Certifications:

Our products are certified environment-friendly by Oeko-Tex Certification Class 100.

We use organic printing inks approved by eco-friendly certifications.

Our 100% organic cotton t-shirts are certified organic by the USDA and GOTS. They are also certified vegan by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).


Posted on: February 10, 2018 Last update: February 10, 2018